Even if you don’t see yourself as a “creative” personality type there is something to be said about taking the time to be mindful and present in every moment.  Check out this article for 18 things creative people do on a regular basis that we can all take a cue from.

“ They make time for mindfulness. – Creative types understand the value of a clear and focused mind — because their work depends on it. Many artists, entrepreneurs, writers and other creative workers, such as David Lynch, have turned to meditation as a tool for tapping into their most creative state of mind.
And science backs up the idea that mindfulness really can boost your brain power in a number of ways. A 2012 Dutch study suggested that certain meditation techniques can promote creative thinking. And mindfulness practices have been linked with improved memory and focus, better emotional well-being, reduced stress and anxiety, and improved mental clarity — all of which can lead to better creative thought.”


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