If you’ve been dealing with some form of candida or other chronic infection, and feel its difficult to keep at bay, there may be new help with biofilm busters.  Candida is the yeast/fungus that always seems to come up as associated with every condition under the sun.  Certainly, it is our experience in our naturopathic clinic that candida is highly associated with the following;

  • IBS
  • Reflux or heartburn
  • eczema
  • autism
  • allergies and asthma
  • onychmycosis (nail fungus)
  • chronic sinusitis
  • chronic vaginal yeast infections
  • interstitial cystitis and sometimes unexplained infertility
  • many chronic health conditions can have a component related to yeast or other imbalanced microorganism’s in the digestive tract

Candida is difficult to control because it is part of our normal environment and has developed ways to hide.  Its growth is stimulated by so many things that make up our western lifestyle, such as stress, sugar, acidity, nutrient depletion, sedentary lifestyles, antibiotics and overburdened toxic bodies.  Many of our patients have made major lifestyle shifts and have experienced amazing benefits.  Some of our patients, however, seem to plateau.  Biofilms may be the new arena for beating the candida overgrowth.

Biofilms are layers of extracellular polymeric substance that protects microorganisms and allow antibiotic resistance.  Biofilm organisms can be 1000 times more resistant to antibiotics than free floating bacteria.  Biofilms are known to be produced by H. pylori, Candida, Klebsiella, Borrelia burgdorferi, Clostridium difficile, Legionella pneumophila and others.  In fact plaque is a biofilm that grows on the surfaces of teeth.

New products marketed as biofilm busters contain enzymes that break down the biofilms and contain EDTA to bind and prevent the minerals that form the biofilm coating.  These products are being used with success, especially in those resistant cases.

If you have been battling against one of the organisms or conditions listed that produce biofilms, give us a call for new treatment options.