Homeopathy is a safe treatment that can be used at home for a variety of conditions. Homeopathy uses very dilute but energized remedies derived from plants, minerals, and animals. You will know when you have got the right remedy because it works very quickly and dramatically. While homeopathy is often the center of media scrutiny, I have personally used it with great success. If you have not picked the correct remedy, it will not work but will not be harmful.

Because of the safety profile of homeopathy and the potential benefit, I believe it is wonderful to have a home kit of homeopathic remedies.  You prescribe the medicine based on the EXPRESSION of disease or the WAY the symptoms are expressed. You do NOT pick a remedy based on the NAME of the disease. For example, you don’t pick a cough remedy, you pick a remedy on the way the cough is being expressed. If you have a cough with thick glue like mucous, you might try kali-bic; if you have a cough with painful spasmodic coughs that end in vomiting, you might try drosera.

There are limitations to homeopathy, but often it is the limitation of the prescriber, and not the medicine itself. Homeopathy is an energetic system of healing that increases the vital force or that healing energy inside of us.   You still need to remove the cause of the problem. For example, if you have a deep cut and a piece of glass is in your foot, you must remove the piece of glass and then you can use the homeopathic to speed the healing process.  If you have a food allergy causing your digestive disturbance, you need to stop eating that food, then use homeopathics to speed the healing process.  If you have a chronic condition, it is best to see a professional homeopath or naturopathic doctor.

With all that being said, below are notes on strength, dosing, and key homeopathic remedies.

Strength, Potency & Dosing:

The remedies from least to more potent that are commonly used are: 6C, 30C, 200C to 1M in potency. The more dilute it is, the more potent it is.
I generally use 30C in children and will dissolve 2 to 4 pellets under the tongue 1 to 3 times a day.
If the remedy was working then plateaus or stops, you may need to go to a 200C (a higher, more diluted potency).  If they improve, taper off the remedy and give it less.
It is best to take it away from food and drinks (water is fine) by 10-20 minutes.


The remedies are energetic so do not store close to very strong odors (nail polish, cleaning supplies, coffee beans, minted or camphor oils, incense). They are also sensitive to X rays and it is suggested to keep away from microwaves or magnetic fields (computers, cordless phones).

Suggested Remedies in a remedy kit:

Uses & Keynotes

Aconite – sudden onset restlessness, anxiety, fright, feel worse cold, better in fresh air and sweating; for shock, early onset of illness, sudden intense states, early stages of flu, ear infections

Allium-cepa – for hayfever, common cold, allergy; acrid nasal discharge, bland tears (opposite to Euphrasia); better in open air

Ant tart – cough with rattling mucus in chest, can’t expectorate; for cough, bronchitis, asthma; better sitting up, worse cold weather

Apis – red, hot, swollen, stinging, pain like a bee sting; use for insect bites, anaphylaxis, allergy, cystitis with burning on urination, angioedema, infections; thirstless, worse with heat, better cold

Arnica – for head injuries, black eyes, muscle sprain/strain, shock; keynote “I’m fine”; injured part feels bruised, worse to touch

Arsenicum – for food poisoning, gastroenteritis, excessive diarrhea and/or vomiting; keynote: thirsty but desire small sips, worse cold, better warm

Belladonna – for red raw throat, inflammation or infection where there is red throbbing pain; heatstroke, throbbing headache; classic belladonna picture is thirstless, dilated pupils, right red face – can still try even if they don’t fit this

Bryonia – for pain or dry cough where they feel aggravated by the slightest movement; for tendonitis, bronchitis; keynote: like firm pressure and lying still

Chamomilla – for teething, colic, otitis media (ear infection); wants things then refuses them; wants to be held but inconsolable; screaming in pain

Coccus cacti – cough remedy; also a whooping cough (pertussis) remedy; thick, ropy, gelatinous mucus (like kali bi); trouble breathing, can gag and vomit

Drosera – a sudden spasmodic fit of coughing; can be painful that they hold their chest; also can vomit from coughing; worse lying down; a major cough remedy

Euphrasia – acrid tears, bland nasal discharge (opposite allium c); allergies and profuse nasal and other discharge; for conjunctivitis, allergies, hayfever

Gelsemium – fever and flu, headache, weakness, stage fright; keynotes: dull, drowsy, exhausted, dizzy, sluggish; want to be held; they feel better moving but they are weak and drowsy

Hepar sulph – for croup, asthma, infection in nose and throat, otitis media, boils; for pus and pus like discharge; irritable, peevish, intense sensitivity to pain; worse alone, worse cold

Influenzinum – flu remedy; use this when they can’t seem to kick the flu symptoms and it’s been going on and on; also helpful at first sign

Kali bic – for cough, sinusitis, nasal congestion with thick glue like or stringy, ropy discharge;

Oscillococcinum – flu and fever remedy

Pulsatilla – weepy and clingy, and sweet; for cough, bronchitis, conjunctivitis, otitis media (ear infection)

Spongia – dry croupy coughs

Listed by Symptom:


– Apis


– Arnica homeopathic


– Belladonna – pink or red eyes; burning pain; dilated pupils; sensitive to light

– Euphrasia – eyebright, for any eye condition- runny eyes or conjunctivitis

– Pulsatilla – eyes burn and itch at night; thick yellow or white discharge that glue the lids together


– Aconite – first stages of croup, bronchitis, pneumonia; dry mouth, dry cough, thirsty; worse from cold water; restless and anxious

– Drosera –for spasmodic coughs that hurt the chest, where the child holds his/her chest because of the pain; continuous, dry, barking cough; can choke and vomit

– Bryonia – for painful dry coughs that seems to be worse with movement or eating

– Spongia – for barking coughs, typically croupy coughs

– Coccus cacti –for coughs that end with gagging or vomiting

– Antimonium tart – for mucous-filled rattling chest coughs

– Kali bic – thick mucous in chest; ropy, stringy, yellow mucous


– Chamomilla: when child is screaming in pain ( I literally had a parent call me and I could hear the screaming in the background – I knew to give chamomilla immediately)

– Belladonna: when the doctor says the eardrum looks bulging and red

– Hepar sulph: when there seems to be pus or fluid

– Aconite: for ear infections that come on suddenly, especially after exposure to wind


– Aconite – sudden onset of fever or chills followed by a fever; use at the first stage; especially after exposure to cold or wind; fearful, extremely thirsty and restless; pupils contracted

– Belladonna – sudden intense fever, face flushed red, pupils dilated, eyes glassy or bright, dry burning hot

– Chamomilla – irritable and capricious personality, they want to be carried but then are upset when you carry them, they want their doll, but then throw it down when they get it; this is especially for teething and earaches and they are screaming in pain

– Gelsemium – droopy drowsy fever, droopy eyelids, very weak and sleepy

– Pulsatilla – fever with symptoms that constantly change, no pattern, they feel better with open air, they are CLINGY and whiny, eyes are watery ; not thirsty generally

– Oscillococcinum is a common flu remedy

– Influenzinum – homeopathic influenza; has worked for me very well in the past


– Arsenicum – food poisoning or stomach flu; try this remedy first; frequent attacks of foul smelling diarrhea; burning pain

– Chamomila – highly irritable; green diarrhea, distended abdomen


-Apis – try this first


– Allium cepa – when the nasal discharge is profuse, irritating and children have irritation around the nose from the discharge

– Kali bichromium – when the discharge is ropey thick

– Pulsatilla – thick yellow or greenish mucus; commonly for sniffles in newborns if nasal discharge is yellow or green; clingy;


– Aconite – sudden onset of sore throat, especially after getting chilled; red, dry swollen throat

– Apis – red inflamed throat with swollen tonsils; dryness in the throat that burns; throat hurts even when they aren’t swallowing

– Belladonna – most common remedy for acute tonsillitis; red burning pain

– Hepar sulphur: feels like a stick in the throat; throbs painfully; hypersensitive to touch and cold; highly irritable

Homeopathic kits are available at our office containing the above remedies.  Call the clinic to order.