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How Valuable is Your Health?

The Value of Health

Spring has sprung and we are super excited to share all the new things happening at the clinic with you.  In this letter we will share our thoughts on one word that will help you in every area of your life, our new referral program, the new meal planning program, introduce Christa, and give you some great health tips.

The word that will help you with every area of your life is, wait for it, value.  Your understanding and implementation of the concepts of value affect how you do everything.  What is value to you?  What value do you feel you bring to the world and those around you?  What value do you want and get from the world and those around you?  Have you ever spent much time considering your value or the value of health?  Please take 5 min. consider these questions because getting clearer on what value is to you will help in every area of your life.

The value of health for me is best simplified in my 96 year old aunt’s voice, “If you don’t have your health, you don’t have much.”  Without the feeling of health in your body, how easy is it to enjoy your life, the world, and those around you? 

We believe our value as a clinic is in helping you understand and achieve great health.  We want to help add value to you and those you know by helping overcome health problems through dispelling fear around health, teaching you how to live, and helping you out of pain and disease.

We value the wonderful opportunity to walk with you in your quest for health.  We want to help enhance the value you get out of your life but we also recognize the value you bring in our lives.   It can be a vulnerable and often scary time to seek guidance in health problems and we value the space of sharing that with you.  We value learning about you and from you.  We value the supportive role you allow us to play in helping you achieve greatness in your health. 

Value is not only seen in what one brings to another but we believe in an innate value in everyone that exists and it is our job to discover and experience that innate value.  We value the opportunity to see your innate value because it enriches our lives.  Thank you!

New Referral Program

We are introducing a new referral program to better say thank you for entrusting those you care about to our clinic.  We want to help your friends and family with our care as well as honour them with 10% off of their first visit as a thank you for sending them.  We value sharing and if you refer anyone to the clinic and they bring in their card they get 10% off their visit and for sharing that referral we would also like to give you 10%off on your next visit (please bring in the cards so we can keep track of all of this).  We are doing this because we wanted to add value to you for adding value to us.

When you are in the office next please take some referral cards that showcase several conditions we treat in the office: Digestive Problems, Sports performance, Pain relief, and Women’s health/Fertility support.  We are doing this because we wanted to add value to you for adding value to us.

Specialized Meal Planning

Many of you have had Food Sensitivity Testing or Food Allergy Testing and then struggled your way through implementing it.  We have joined forces with Erika, a wholistic nutritionist, to help solve some of the challenges of implementation.  Erika will make you a customized meal plan for the week and if you need she can even come into your home and make the meals for you, so no more excuses not to follow through:) 

“I am a Certified Nutritional Practitioner working out of Springs Eternal offering nutritional consulting and coaching, as well as meal planning services. If you need help figuring out what to eat, new recipe ideas, help with weight loss, support with food allergies, or building healthy habits around food I'd love to talk with you. Also ask me about my healthy in-home meal service.” - Erika Weissenborn, B.Sc. FNH, CNP

Additional Help in the Office

We have recently brought on Christa to help Kira run things in the office on Monday’s and Friday’s.  Now you will have the pleasure of working with two wonderful people who are there to help and support you at our office.

Health Tips

Nari and I do our best to write content that we think will help you understand your bodies and inspire you to overcome your health challenges so you can have a happier life.  Please look at the articles or pass them along to anyone you know who may benefit from the topics if they do not apply to you.  The more you understand about how your body works the better equipped you are to heal it if there is a problem.

Hope you have an amazing Spring where you connect with what you value and start spreading your value to the world around you.

To your health,
Drs. John and Nari

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