Join us for a cleanse that will strengthen your immune system and prep you for the cold and flu season.

Strengthen your immune system with a 7 day cleanse! Ever considered doing a cleanse for your health but wanted an expert to walk you through it? Dr. John will guide you through our step-by-step detox program. As we continue into the fall, now is the time to prepare our bodies for the cold and flu season. The cleanse is accomplished with the help of detoxifying foods, lifestyle practices, and supplement aids. By the end of the week you will feel amazingly energized and proud of what you can accomplish, and maybe even lose a few pounds!

The Naturopathic Doctors at Springs Eternal Natural Health Clinic welcome you to experience freedom from pain, reversal of disease processes, optimal state of mind, emotional balance, and better health.

With the program you will receive…

  • Professional advice from a Licensed Naturopathic Physician
  • A workbook full of health and wellness ideas, tips, and guidance
  • Recipe file and shopping list
  • Group meeting with the support system of like-minded individuals
  • Daily online support and encouragement
  • Fun and laughter!