It’s been a hot summer which means we tend to drink more liquids to hydrate our bodies.  You might be one of the few people who consume little to no products from plastic bottles and containers. But if you are like the majority you probably purchase a bottle of water or juice a few times per week and more often then not they are plastic bottles.  Why the dilemma? Well, the plastic that holds your refreshing H20 might be causing your body harm as it contains many different toxins and chemicals which can lead to problems with brain and hormone development, decreased sperm counts, erectile dysfunction, heart disease, diabetes, liver abnormalities, and breast cancer.

What can you do about it? it’s hard to avoid all plastics but this article written by Cecelia Ungari-Hoskins on Green Mama does a great job explaining which plastics to avoid, plastic alternatives and the easiest ways to reduce your use.

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