I recently attended an Intensive Training Class on the popular Pain Neutralization Technique in Denver, Colorado.  It was a great experience to be with 100 doctors from around the world learning about newly discovered neurological reflexes.  Dr. Kaufman has discovered neurological reflexes that turn off pain in acute and chronic conditions, giving results that left every doctor in the room saying “wow” and  “I can’t believe it!”

The results of Pain Neutralization Technique have given such drastic improvements in such short time periods that patients and doctors can only find one word: “Wow”.  I went to the course to get a refresher after using it for 10 years.  I found that the newly discovered reflexes and techniques were well worth learning.  In returning to practice I already have patients saying “Wow” with their treatments everyday.  This rapid improvement in pain keeps me very excited about the possibilities of this technique in helping people who are suffering from pain.

The beauty of this technique is that it is fast, non-invasive, and cost-effective.

If you are in pain or know of someone who is experiencing pain, please send them in for pain neutralization technique.  Besides “wow”, “the pain is gone”, and “this is amazing, I can’t believe it” the next most common comment I hear is “I wish I would have come in earlier to see you.”  Help the people you care about live pain free.

I can’t guarantee everyone will experience these amazing results in one visit, but the number that have according to Dr. Kaufman is 40%.  This means that 40% who try pain neutralization technique get “wow” results in the first treatment.


John Pidutti, ND