Allergies & Asthma

Allergies & Asthma are treatable

Do you find that you have so much you want to get accomplished but your allergies keep getting in the way?  Do you try to avoid being outdoors even though you love it, because you feel so uncomfortable?  My seasonal allergies used to make me miserable as well, until I learned some key things that were contributing to my immune system being out of balance.

Discover what worsens your allergies & asthma

Science has taught us quite a lot about allergies and asthma.  We know that there are lots of contributing factors that can imbalance the immune system:

  • stress and adrenals– cortisol being secreted by the adrenals can dampen your immune system
  • antigenic overload – too many antigens, including environmental pollutants
  • food allergies and sensitivities
  • heavy metal burden – heavy metals such as lead and mercury can imbalance the immune system
  • gut flora – the imbalance of beneficial and detrimental intestinal microbes can cause immune cell dysfunction
  • deficiency of minerals and an acidic state
  • hygiene hypothesis – inadequate stimulation by germs causes changes to the regulatory T cells
  • liver and/or kidney inefficiently clearing metabolic waste; improper Phase I or Phase II detoxification nutrients that allow the buildup of metabolic waste

Be free of allergies & asthma

Through lots of personal and clinical experience, our Naturopathic Doctors guide you through the detective work of discovering the key underlying factors causing your asthma and allergies.  Then by having you avoid food sensitivities, take specific remedies to stabilize the mast cells to decrease histamine, balance the gut flora, remineralize the body, support the adrenals and de-stress, we have found that you can indeed balance the hypersensitivity of the immune system over time.  With our approach we have seen great success in treating allergies and asthma.