Mind-Body Medicine

Your mind is intimately connected to your health.

Understanding the relationship that the mind has with your physical health is a profound discovery that can lead to rapid changes in symptoms. Modern research is showing that the mind and body are completely interconnected and interdependent. This means if you are suffering an ailment on either one the other is effected. I will not get into a discussion of whether the mind caused the physical ailment or the physical ailment caused the disturbance in the mind at this point.

Whatever the initiating factor is, the way the mind effects the body is as follows. Core beliefs (conscious and subconscious) bubble up into tangible thoughts and feelings. Thoughts and feelings then stimulate actions (either physical or chemical) in our body. The actions over time create the physical structure that we experience in our bodies.

The Mind-Body exploration is one of discovering how your thought patterns and feeling patterns may be contributing to your health states. It is not one of blame but discovery, and in that you can discover a way to create a new health state for yourself and others.

If you are not sure if your mind is affecting your health or if you know your mind is but not sure how or what to do about it, come try a session to experience the powerful transformations that can take place. Our form of Counselling in a supportive environment allows you to explore and release emotional disturbances that may be contributing to your health.