Sports Performance and Sports Psychology

What Does Your Best Look and Feel Like? It’s Time to Find Out!

We have helped numerous athletes achieve their athletic goals by creating specialized health programs. These programs include all aspects of performance from sports psychology to sports nutrition.

Dr. John pulls on his experience as a Division 1 college athlete and his years of experience in science based natural health to create the best possible performance enhancement program for you.

4 KEYS to Optimal Performance:

  1. Know what to eat and what nutrients your body needs to burn clean and powerful.
    When your body is given the right fuel in the highest quality forms it burns clean and powerful. It is much like a high performance sports car. The lower the quality the fuel the more byproducts clog the engine. The same goes for the foods we eat. The byproducts from an improper combination of foods will cause your body to have a build up of toxins that impair performance.
  2. Muscle and energy recovery must take place at the right time.
    If you have the best training routine but are not recovering and building the muscle appropriately you will not see the gains from your efforts. Wether it be over training, undernourishing, injuries, or a combination, if you don’t know how to get your muscles and energy recovering you will not last long in your sport and you will never get the consistent performance you want. Let us help you discover the best ways to repair your body.
  3. Body Systems Support.
    We have seen countless athletes fail to achieve their goals because their immune system failed right when they needed it the most. We will help you not only keep your immune system in top shape but also assess and optimize the functioning of all your internal systems.
  4. Know Yourself: Sports Psychology.
    We not only optimize the biochemistry in our athlete’s bodies but we help to optimize and remove mental blocks to championship performance. We focus on moving you away from fear motivation into a connection with who you are and the intense desire to express your talents and abilities. We connect you with your “pull’ driving motivations (why you are alive) vs your “push” ( what you are afraid of) motivations. We have found that when you connect with your higher sense of purpose you tap into a resevoir of strength unlike the strength that comes from fear based drives. This new connection creates energy, strength, motivation, and consistency like you have never known before. It allows you to go through your sport without the emotional roller coaster of ups and downs most people live with. Imagine staying confident, happy, and excited even if your results in the moment are not what you want. Would you perform better over the long run if you could keep emotionally up even in failure? How do you feel when you don’t perform at your best or expected outcome? If you get down or do not feel great in these times then you are being held back and your performance is being limited. Let us help you learn how to change that pattern and grow the muscle of emotional fortitude for all the challenges of your sport.

Advanced performance support

We assess everyone for inhibitory factors to their talents and ability. By removing obstacles to your performance and giving natural safe and effective sports enhancement prescriptions, we can optimize any athlete’s training and recovery as well as give them the edge on their competitors.

We believe that athletic performance is simply an expression of who you are. The more you know who you are and what you want to create in the world, the more you will be able to reach peak performance states and get what you really want out of performance.

Come and discover the advantage you have!