Weight Loss

Weight loss that works!

If you have tried it all and still keep struggling with weight issues then you need to start this program.  Our Naturopathic Doctors truly get the whole person involved and help you put all the pieces together to create your ideal body.

The program we have designed follows 7 key pillars that will create your ideal body.

7 pillars to create your ideal body

1. Remove irritants: We look at 2 main kinds, although depending on your history we may explore other irritants such as environmental and other toxic exposures.

Food sensitivities and excess calories.

a) Food allergies and food sensitivities lead to inflammatory products that are a major cause of inflammation in your body. Food allergies and food sensitivities lead to massive amounts of stored toxins in your fat cells and cause your fat cells to swell leading to an enlarged look wherever that fat cells lie.

b) Excess calories lead to a breakdown in the calories burned vs calories consumed equation. If we get the amount burned more than the amount consumed you WILL LOSE WEIGHT! What makes us different on this is that we look at what type of calories support overall health and not just how to burn more calories than consumed.

2. Balance Hormones: Hormones play a major role in why we gain weight and why we can’t lose weight even when doing the right things. We will assess and correct the hormones responsible for metabolism and excessive weight gain (thyroid hormone, adrenal glands secretion of cortisol, estrogen/progesterone balance).

3. Detoxify and drain: We address the excess inflammation that causes weight to stay on even with strenuous exercise. We start addressing inflammation by removing inflammatory irritants in the diet and then begin removing stored toxins in the body. This process of removing stored irritants is called detoxifying or drainage.

4. Design appropriate movement routines: We make sure you have the appropriate exercise program designed to aid in speedy fat loss and build lean muscle mass.

5. What to eat: Once you have been tested for and have removed food sensitivities or food allergies that cause inflammation in your body, we will discuss what to eat. This lays out the ground work of what healthy supportive foods to eat to achieve your goal. We make sure you know what to eat to optimize health promoting nutrients that aid in fat burning.

6. Create a healthy food ethic: We believe and see in practice that if you have a healthy relationship with what food is and why and how you eat what you eat you will easily be able to sustain appropriate weight for the rest of your lifetime.

Many people have created an unhealthy relationship with food. Some have set up rules around food and live in a constant struggle of do’s and don’ts that create a restrictive unhealthy relationship with food. Others have chosen to error on the side of no limits around food and resent the fact that other people would suggest that they can not eat whatever they would like and still have great health. These are some extremes with many versions in-between.

The way you know you have a healthy food ethic is the results you feel in your body. If your body is giving you all the resiliency, vitality, and shape that you want and you are not feeling emotionally conflicted with food you most likely have a good food ethic.

If you are struggling with your weight and in a battle with what to eat, then you will greatly benefit from exploring this new relationship with food.

7. Remove emotional blocks: Once you have taken ownership of this routine and start implementing the program you will find that you come up against resistance or you a pattern that keeps you from loosing the weight. When this happens, our doctors will help you remove self-sabotaging habits or thoughts that keep the weight on and hold you back from reaching your goal.

To get an example of what the process can be like look at Karen’s Healing Story.

The first 4 visits create the foundation of the program. You are tested for what food sensitivities or food allergies to remove, you are tested for hormonal imbalances, you start detoxifying and drainage, you implement your movement routine, and you decide on what to eat.

The next 4 visits will be spent assessing results and adjusting/tweaking as needed. We will also explore the challenges or resistance that come up during this time. For some this will be all they need to get to the results they want and others will find that they need the ongoing accountability and tweaking to get the results they want.