Physical Medicine

Treating your aches and pains with the best of care

Physical Medicine is used to describe the various treatments used to work with the musculoskeletal system.  If you have ever had aches, pains, or injuries then the treatments in this section could truly benefit you.

We treat many different musculoskeletal ailments:

  1. different types of arthritis
  2. sport injuries to joints, tendons, ligaments, and muscles
  3. aches and pains from overuse such as tendonitis or bursitis
  4. muscle sprains and strains

The most common treatments needing physical medicine in our clinic are:

We use a variety of treatments to address these aches, pains, and injuries.  Read through the different treatment sections to gain a better understanding of each treatment option.

My story of overcoming

I have had a special interest in working with the muscles, fascia, joints, and bones of the body since I was young.  I think this desire to help people in physical pain came from two avenues, my own physical pains and a natural bent towards hands on activities.  I played many different sports competitively and sustained many different structural imbalances, all of which affected performance as well as physical comfort.

I tried many different techniques to get better.  Some worked well and fast while others did not give change and I was stuck for years doing the same thing.  Out of this I began my quest to help others find the relief I have found.  I decided to study the treatments that gave me the most relief and fastest recovery.  I went through Naturopathic Medical school focusing on treatments that would help with all the aches and pains in the body. Plus, I have taken hundreds of hours of continuing education and seminars over the last decade to improve these skills.  I would like to help anyone who is suffering from physical pain or injury to find balance and freedom from pain in their body just as I have found.

The power of touch

I discovered, in this quest to find the best treatments for the ailments of the musculoskeletal system, that I personally enjoy doing hands on treatments with the body.  It provides a level of care that some of the other treatments such as acupuncture needles, trigger point injections, laser and ultrasound (all of which I use at appropriate times) can’t offer.  You may recall in your life a time when someone has applied the right pressure on the right spot and you felt your whole body relax.  If not, then you definitely need to experience this phenomenon.

The Solution to your pain

The solution to the aches and pains of the musculoskeletal system comes from addressing your body as a whole and applying techniques that integrate the different aspects of your body.  Many people have pain over one area of their body and have received years of treatment for that yet do not experience lasting relief.  This is because the site of pain is not always the cause of the pain.

Old Model

The old model of treatment where one part of your body is addressed as a separate piece from the rest of the body is no longer yielding long lasting results. Many practitioners have studied one technique to address pain but unless you have studied how the whole body interacts from a structural level, chemical level, mental/emotional level etc… you will not be able to walk someone completely from pain to freedom.

The new approach

We utilize numerous systems of treatment that look at how the whole body interconnects and interacts to give you the most comprehensive and integrated experience in physical healthcare.  This means your body will begin to experience freedom from pain as it starts to release old structural holding patterns that were limiting your experience of full health.

This sounds interesting. What do I do next?

I strongly encourage you to set up an apt to get an initial assessment of your body.  This will allow you to get a full understanding of how it is all connected and what to do to help your body heal.  From there you can decide if helping to release the impediments to full health is something you value enough to pursue.