Musculoskeletal Pain

The leading edge in pain relief and pain management.

Dr John is internationally known for pain relief and his results with the management of Musculoskeletal Pain. We have had patients from North and South America, Africa, Asia, and Europe come to get help with their pain.

My story with pain

I have been physically active all my life but have had boughts of debilitating pain. The pain was sometimes due to a traumatic injury such as a snowboard fall or other times an overuse injury from throwing a ball or running too much. In any of the cases of pain I was taken out of my daily joys and was extremely grateful to find a solution to the pain. I then decided I wanted to help people experience freedom from pain, bring clarity in the fear of the unknown (How long will this last? Will I ever get better? What can I do to help?), and give other options besides drugs and surgery.

The pain we work with

Not all pain is equal and therefore needs specific attention to cause and connection. Dr John sees many different people in many different conditions of pain. The following are the most common musculoskeletal pain conditions that he treats with great success.

The difference

What makes the treatments that Dr John uses different is the way in which he combines so many effective therapies to get you the best results. He has amalgamated the best parts of many different techniques to give you the best chance at healing.

Dr John has studied numerous effective treatments from many fields of medicine(See treatments drop down menu as well as physical medicine) and does his best to stay up to date on all the latest non-surgical treatments for pain.

Treatment approach

In honoring “Treat the person not the disease”, Dr John uses the treatments as tools and fits them to what the person needs versus fitting the person into a specific treatment and assuming everyone needs a specific technique. He will assess what is at the root of your condition and then decide what techniques will best help.

Your body can heal

Dr John has seen the body heal time and time again. The patients that are committed to walking through the process with Dr John have proven the amazing power of restoration everyday. Our bodies are designed to be resilient and when we give them the right things and support the body in the right way it heals. Read about some wonderful health transformations.

The Process

  1. Assessment: We use a variety of testing tools and techniques as well as physical exam and history to assess what is causing your pain or blocking your body from a speedy recovery.
  2. Diagnosis: We do some diagnosis based on exam and history and will recommend certain tests (i.e. ultrasound, MR scan, CT scan, etc.) to help gain a clearer understanding of your pain. When we have the right diagnosis we can decide the best treatment plan for you. Remember we are not treating a diagnosis we are treating a person with a diagnosis, which means we will take the prognosis with a grain of salt and decide what is the real potential outcome based on your body.
  3. Treatment: Based on your diagnosis and your vitality we will decide on an appropriate treatment regimen. We pick from a variety of the most effective treatment options Dr John has found. We combine the best components of a variety of different techniques to get better results. See list