Back Pain

Effective treatments for Back Pain from around the globe.

Our naturopathic doctors have traveled the globe to learn the most effective techniques to treat pain.  They have brought the treatments that relieve back pain here to Vancouver for you.

Our Naturopathic Doctors help relieve back pain in back injuries to just plain backaches.

Irritation in the following areas can all be common in back pain.


  • The vertebral discs must be assessed for structural balance and integrity
  • When a disc bulges it can pinch a nerve or cause inflammation and create pain in the area or refer pain to another area
  • Our Naturopathic Doctors have treatments that can help speed the recovery of disc injuries and give relief from the pain.

Ligaments or tendons

  • Strains and tears in the ligaments or tendons that hold the joints of the back together can affect the stability of the spine and cause back pain.
  • Our Naturopathic Doctors have treatments that can help heal ligaments and tendons and reestablish the stability of the spine.


  • Muscle spasms or muscle sprains can both be a source of back pain.  These muscle spasms or muscle sprains can be at the site of pain or even in areas that are not at the site of the pain.  These muscle irritations lead to holding patterns in the muscles that can create nerve pain, inflammation, or degenerative changes.
  • Our Naturopathic Doctors have many techniques to help heal muscle issues in the back as well as other areas of the body.

If you have tried “everything” or if you are just beginning to look for help, our Naturopathic Doctors can provide you with relief from your back pain. They start by understanding the root of the problems and then work on releasing and healing the source of the pains. They work on the the fascia, muscles, and joints and are licensed to give joint adjustments if needed.  They also perform various injections of natural remedies into the back if the hands on treatments do not give the results you need.