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Heart Healthy Hibiscus Tea


Hibiscus tea, also known as sour tea, has been recently investigated for its heart protective effects.  I’ve enjoyed hibiscus tea personally but more recently discovered its effects on cholesterol and lowering blood pressure. An extract of the herb Hibiscus sabdariffa has been shown in animal studies to lower LDL cholesterol and increase HDL cholesterol.   It [...]

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Home sick? Medicine you can find in your kitchen.


Have you ever had your child cry from ear pain Friday night at midnight?  Have you ever had your digestion go “off” but knew you just had to ride it out?  There are so many wonderful remedies that are right in your kitchen that could help, especially if you haven’t been to the health food [...]

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Tapping Technique


Emotional Freedom Technique or Tapping for short, is something that the doctors at Springs Eternal recommend for many of their patients. “The very basic idea is that we have acupressure points in our bodies that, when tapped, move energy and help facilitate change. I was skeptical. I listened to various so-called experts and I was [...]

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