Keratosis Pilaris

One tip to drop fat and cut inflammation


Wheat is one of the most commonly consumed foods in the western world.  Yet we do not have a collective grasp on how it affects our bodies. Are whole grains really that healthy? The health benefits of whole grains come from the nutrients delivered as well as the fiber.  The problem comes from some very [...]

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The Soup to Rebuild From Any Disease


Hippocrates Soup or Potassium Broth or Alkalinizing Broth Hippocrates is considered the father of modern medicine because of his attempt to use the scientific method to discover what works in medicine.  I want to introduce you to one of his medical cures.  If we could find a meal that was a panacea for the ill, [...]

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Karen’s Healing Story


Transforming Your Body and Life This will be the first of many healing stories to come from the Springs Eternal office. We hope that these stories will help to inspire and encourage you on your health journey. Karen Jergens was a patient who walked into our office with a long list of complaints. Over time, [...]

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