Neck Pain & Whiplash Treatment Vancouver

Neck Pain and Whiplash Treatments that Give Relief in Vancouver Clinic

Our Naturopathic Doctors give relief to numerous people each year that have been suffering from neck pain and whiplash in our Vancouver Clinic. Many people have tried countless treatments for neck pain or whiplash and have only seen minimal improvement. The treatments that our Naturopathic Doctors use get impressive results for 93% of our patients within the first 12 sessions.

We believe the body sends pain signals for a reason and when we find that reason and correct it, the pain goes away.  The neck pain relief comes from understanding what is causing the pain, correcting structural imbalances, and rebalancing the way the nerves are sending pain signals.

Get rid of the neck pain

We use a variety of techniques and treatments to treat neck pain and whiplash based on what you need.

  1. We first do a thorough assessment of the neck, head, and back and then treat what we discover.
  2. Understanding what is the true root cause of the pain in your neck is the first step that  must happen to get relief.  Then we treat what needs treated with the most appropriate treatment for the cause.
  3. Muscles move bones and tend to spasm to protect joints in an injury. They often get stuck in a holding pattern and cause pain. This holding pattern can cause neck pain for years if not corrected.
  4. If we can change the holding pattern, the neck pain goes away. The way the nerves are signaling the muscles in the neck needs to be addressed and changed.  We use safe, effective, natural treatments that get the muscles to release and relax and the pain goes away.
  5. In whiplash, and some other causes of neck pain, injured ligaments are a constant source of pain and imbalance.  Correcting the ligament laxity(weakness) allows the muscles around the joint to stop firing in a spasm. The muscles spasm to protect the joint from the ligament laxity and when the laxity is corrected the muscles settle as well as the pain.

Whiplash treatments that Give Relief in Vancouver

  1. In whiplash the vertebra and the ligaments that support them are quickly forced out of position and are often torn or injured.  This injury to the ligaments or the misalignment of the vertebra may not show up on an x-ray but can be an extreme source of neck pain.  We use treatments that can stimulate healing of these ligaments or help re-align the vertebra of the neck or back.
  2. In whiplash and other forms of neck pain a pinched nerve may exist or pinched vascular supply  and that may be the source of neck pain.  Treatments that release structural imbalances that are causing this pinching give relief to the neck pain.
  3. In whiplash you get mild to severe muscle tearing and stretching.  This can lead to adhesions in the muscle bellies and causing years of chronic pain.  We use special treatments that correct this problem.

One of the most astonishing techniques we use is Pain Neutralization Technique.  Here is an impressive article one how it helped cure Chronic Pain.

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Our trick for getting rid of Chronic Pain

The body is designed to heal!  There are certain things that will never be fully restored to their original function but most things can have some improvement.  We find improvement when we address the body as a whole.  We must treat your physical/biochmeical makeup as well as the mental and emotional components.

Inorder for the body to repair it needs the right building material.  This is called proper nutrition.  We will help you assess and create a plan that assures you are getting the right nutrients to actually repair and heal.

When it comes to pain the body needs proper nerve conduction.  Unfortunately in injuries the tissue damage usually impedes appropriate nerve conduction and heightens nerve pain signals.  We can help you discover the root of this problem as well as correct it with multiple techniques.

In many chronic pain situations there is myofascial pain that intensifies pain signals throughout the body.  When we assess for and correct myofascial pain we see improvements in pain that had been stagnant for years.

Lastly, when in pain there will always be mental and emotional components.  Pain is a stressor that can trigger all sorts of mental and emotional challenges.  We can help you sort through it all and find peace while you are working through your pain.