Pain Neutralization Technique (PNT)

Pain Neutralization Technique uses light pressure to eliminate chronic pain in seconds through newly uncovered neurological reflexes. The technique was created by a Chiropractic Doctor in Colorado, Dr. Kaufman.Here is a blurb from Dr. Kaufman about the technique and some fascinating testimonials from amazed doctors:My name is Steve Kaufman. I’m a chiropractor practicing many techniques (including acupuncture) for almost 30 years. I started treating trigger points and myofascial pain in 1974. (A trigger point is an area in a muscle that’s painful when pressed; it very often causes a patient’s pain or other symptoms.) I learned many techniques to treat patients’ trigger points and often ease their symptoms, but I always wondered if there weren’t something like a “magic switch” that could turn pain off like a light.In 1989 I set out on a research project to find this “Holy Grail”. The goal: find some way to easily turn off pain instantly, using only light pressure on neurological reflexes.

It took more than a decade, but we have now developed numerous procedures that seem to do just that, in many cases. Now YOU can learn them, easily, at home, from DVDs. These techniques are NEW, and NOT similar to the techniques of Nimmo, Travell, or any other method of treating trigger points or “myofascial release” procedures!

I’ve discovered a method of combining several simple, standard neurological reflexes to immediately change the tone in a painful muscle, eliminating many chronic exquisitely painful areas and symptoms. The doctors and practitioners (D.C.s, L.Acs, M.D.s, D.O.s, P.T.s, N.D.s and body workers) who have taken my course on Pain Neutralization Techniques™ (P.N.T.) acclaim this as a major breakthrough in the treatment of pain. Many of these doctors have extensive training in most of the other healing techniques taught. Most have practiced for decades.

My toughest challenge: a group of 325 skeptical M.D.s.

I recently gave a demo of Pain Neutralization Technique™ to a group of well known holistic M.D.s and D.O.s in Chicago, the International College of Integrative Medicine. In Phoenix, I demonstrated for over 400 M.D.s. I was understandably nervous. Here I was, a stranger, an “alternative” practitioner, about to try to prove my claim that I could stop muscular pain instantly on many patients. These were long time, skeptical, orthodox physicians; some of them were well known.

The results were, I would say, phenomenal. I treated trigger points on each “patient” for 1-5 minutes, about 3 TPs per patient. I treated over 20 patients. I was able to turn off the large majority of TPs in seconds. The majority seemed to get substantial or even total pain relief from long term, chronic conditions. 3 frozen shoulders came way up. Even pain decades old withered away on these docs. Read what they say:

“Here’s a miracle I wouldn’t have believed if I wasn’t there to witness it. A previously unknown chiropractor delivered a talk about his Pain Neutralization Technique for instantly relieving the pain of trigger points. He claimed to immediately restore motion and eliminate pain. What medical doctor would believe such claims from a chiropractor? I listened with curiosity and healthy skepticism. Then he performed his technique on many of my esteemed colleagues including some very famous ones.

“The majority got immediate relief, even with very long term chronic problems. It was absolutely incredible! I’ll be devoting an issue of my newsletter to his techniques.” Robert Rowen, M.D. editor-in- chief, “Second Opinion” newsletter. Santa Rosa, CA. (See the July, 2006 issue for his report.)

“For 9 months, I have suffered with left sacroiliac/lower lumbar pain. With just 1 session of less than 5 minutes (of PNT), my low back pain is 80% better. The next day, it’s 90% better. WOW! I gotta learn how to do this stuff!” John Parks Trowbridge, M.D. Humble, Texas, best selling author, “The Yeast Syndrome.”

“Thank you Dr. Kaufman for the immediate relief you provided me yesterday. I have had continuous back pain since fracturing the transverse process of L1-2-3-4 in 1974. You found the painful point and with P.N.T. the pain was completely gone in a few seconds. It is still gone.” Follow up 18 months later: the pain never came back after that one treatment! Ted Rozema, M.D., former president, American College for Advancement in Medicine, past president, International College of Integrative Medicine, Landrum, S.C.

“I’ve had cervical disc disease for 30 years with restricted range of motion and chronic discomfort on turning my head. In just a few minutes with Dr. Kaufman I’m rotating 90° to either side pain free. (I was also unable to raise my arm) and in minutes I was able to abduct my arm maximally to 180° with much less pain.” Robert M. Battle, M.D. Houston, Texas

“Dr. Kaufman’s presentation was nothing short of fascinating. In a group of physicians and other medical providers, before our eyes he decreased and in some cases eliminated pain that people had for years. My own TMJ was improved in minutes. This non invasive technique is definitely worth trying on patients. It could revolutionize the way we treat chronic conditions.” Caroline D. Van Sant-Crowle, M.D. Palm Harbor, Fl.

“The Pain Neutralization Techniques are incredible, this is so much fun to see the look on people’s faces when you shut down a major pain. Almost too many cases to list. I thank you.” Dr. Kerry Randa, D.C. Loveland, CO.

“Dr. Kaufman relieved my post surgical pain in right lower quadrant. I had hernia surgery in December of 2001 and since then a nagging pain. It took him about 15-30 seconds to absolutely eradicate it.” Bohdan A. Lebedowicz, M.D., internal medicine, Mt Vernon, IL

“The day after my treatment, my back and sciatic pain disappeared completely for the first time in 5 years!” Joseph Rich, M.D., board of directors, A.C.A.M. Knoxville, TN

“Dr. Kaufman held a roomful of M.D.s and D.O.s spellbound with his non-invasive techniques to relieve pain instantly. Immediately after the ICIM conference I came home to treat my wife’s knees. She is now sleeping pain free for the first time since last spring. Much obliged! Dr. K. also treated my sister yesterday for plantar fasciitis, a condition that has caused her considerable pain for about six months. Today she has no pain at all. I’ve found the techniques very effective in my own practice.” Terry Chappell, Chappell, M.D., president, International College of Integrative Medicine, past president American College for Advancement in Medicine, Bluffton, Ohio

“This is some of the most exciting stuff I’ve seen in years…Thanks to you, I’m swamped (with patient referrals)! I’ve never had these kinds of results with anything. The P.N.T. is amazing. (Like you promised) I have patients saying “Wow! That’s amazing!” all the time. Thanks for all that you do. You’ve made my practice fun & exciting again which is particularly rewarding as this is my 27th year in practice!! ” Dr. James Monk, D.C. Chickasha, OK. (after viewing the DVDs)

“This stuff (P.N.T.) is “scary” in its effectiveness. I “magically” relieved over 15 headaches (in the office, dojo and at my house on my wife!) My assistants now joke that I have voodoo powers! ” John Hinz, L.Ac. Waukesha, WI.