Visceral Manipulation

Visceral Manipulation is a therapy that works on releasing restrictions in the connective tissue in and around the organs. This results in optimal functioning of organs with better digestion, absorption, and overall health.

Visceral manipulation was pioneered by a french osteopathic doctor named Jean-Pierre Barral. Visceral manipulation works with the connective tissue that surrounds every organ in the abdomen.  The abdominal organs are surrounded by dense connective tissue that attaches to the spine. This connective tissue pulls tension on the spine when the organs are irritated. The tension on the spine causes muscles around the spine to compensate for the added tension. This results in all sorts of painful sensations.

When the organs are irritated by poor digestion or prolonged stress the tension overloads the spine and causes the muscles to over compensate and this causes pain. By releasing the connective tissue around the organs the pressure on the spine is released and the muscles then release. Visceral manipulation is the technique used to release the connective tissue around the organs and the spine.