Antioxidant Injections

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High dose vitamin and mineral therapies have been clinically shown to improve many conditions, from chronic fatigue to depression. It is especially powerful in those with conditions affected by inflamed or irritated digestive tracts. Any symptom that is worsened by nutrient depletion can quickly be aided by I.V. therapies. The top conditions that see improvement [...]

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Fascinating Seminar on Pain Relief


Trigger point injection brings amazing results. Last month I attended a seminar on the use of injections to get rid of chronic pain and trigger points. These injection techniques are so powerful that they are being used by top pain management doctors worldwide. Janet Trevell, JFK’s physician, was one of the early pioneers of this [...]

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Tapping Technique


Emotional Freedom Technique or Tapping for short, is something that the doctors at Springs Eternal recommend for many of their patients. “The very basic idea is that we have acupressure points in our bodies that, when tapped, move energy and help facilitate change. I was skeptical. I listened to various so-called experts and I was [...]

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