High dose vitamin and mineral therapies have been clinically shown to improve many conditions, from chronic fatigue to depression. It is especially powerful in those with conditions affected by inflamed or irritated digestive tracts. Any symptom that is worsened by nutrient depletion can quickly be aided by I.V. therapies.

The top conditions that see improvement with I.V. therapies.

This is the most difficult category to narrow down. This is because any situation where you would use vitamins, minerals, and homeopathics you would also want to consider administering them intravenously instead of orally. If I give the top 5 conditions we see immediate response with it would be the following:

  • chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia
  • depression
  • chronic urticaria(hives)
  • upper respiratory infections
  • allergies.

We also use I.V. treatments in cancer, migraines, and athletic performance with impressive results. The biggest report we get with athletic performance is increased stamina and improved recovery time.

Why use I.V. over oral administration? There are multiple reasons why you would use I.V. 1.\tYou have direct access to the circulatory system and bioavailability is immediate. 2.\tThere is no first pass effect: anything taken orally goes straight to the liver and goes through a first pass of metabolizing enzymes prior to reaching the systemic circulation-only a fraction of the originally consumed substance reaches the systemic circulation. 3.\tAnyone with G.I. tract absorption difficulties will need I.V. to get therapeutic doses. Elderly and people with digestive tract problems really benefit from this.

If you are interested in this topic please read the following article about a particular I.V. vitamin solution called the Myer’s Cocktail.