Trigger point injection brings amazing results.

Last month I attended a seminar on the use of injections to get rid of chronic pain and trigger points. These injection techniques are so powerful that they are being used by top pain management doctors worldwide. Janet Trevell, JFK’s physician, was one of the early pioneers of this technique. They are also being used by top veterinarians for pain relief and healing in animals. The power of these treatments comes from the technique of inserting a fine needle into the right spot in the body and from the solution injected.

I have been using this technique in practice for many years now but this seminar introduced some fascinating new preparations for injecting, in addition to what I already use. During these seminars we get to try these treatments on each other. Having had these injections done to me, I believe they are very beneficial. The needles are very fine and only caused a small sting; nothing like the large needles used to draw blood. Many patients report not even feeling the needle go in. When having the treatment done on myself, I noticed pain relief in my shoulder within 5-10 minutes. For most people, the pain relief generally lasts for hours but may come back or even aggravate for a day or two at its worst. Then with several more injections, it chases out the remaining irritation and most patients say it feels like they never had the issue in the first place.

The solution is a mixture of a local anesthetic agent with different homeopathic preparations. These preparations are what give the tissue regenerating effects.

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Dr John