Plantar Fascitis

Is Your Pain Staying No Matter What You Do? Time to break any pain pattern links.


If you have found yourself experiencing pain that is not going away, it may be due to a pain pattern that is linked or associated with something completley different.  These associations are things you are exposed to in life that are propagating your pain response without your awareness. What is Pain? Pain is a firing [...]

Is Your Pain Staying No Matter What You Do? Time to break any pain pattern links.2019-08-14T21:47:15+00:00

Fascinating Seminar on Pain Relief


Trigger point injection brings amazing results. Last month I attended a seminar on the use of injections to get rid of chronic pain and trigger points. These injection techniques are so powerful that they are being used by top pain management doctors worldwide. Janet Trevell, JFK’s physician, was one of the early pioneers of this [...]

Fascinating Seminar on Pain Relief2019-08-14T21:40:50+00:00

The Soup to Rebuild From Any Disease


Hippocrates Soup or Potassium Broth or Alkalinizing Broth Hippocrates is considered the father of modern medicine because of his attempt to use the scientific method to discover what works in medicine.  I want to introduce you to one of his medical cures.  If we could find a meal that was a panacea for the ill, [...]

The Soup to Rebuild From Any Disease2019-07-17T22:12:48+00:00
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