If you have found yourself experiencing pain that is not going away, it may be due to a pain pattern that is linked or associated with something completley different.  These associations are things you are exposed to in life that are propagating your pain response without your awareness.

What is Pain?

Pain is a firing of nerves caused by some irritating stimulus.  It usually is in response to some imbalance created in our equilibrium.  In regular terms, pain is a response of that hurts and tells us something is not the way our body wants it or something is bothering it that it does like.

Science is helping us discover that our experience of pain is heightened or lowered by the interpretations of these nerve firings and not just the nerve firing.  This means that there may be ways of changing our experience of  pain even if our body is being exposed to an irritant, i.e. even if you are not healed completely you can still have a reduction in pain.

How to Change Pain.

Proof that our experience of pain can be changed even if the initiating painful irritant is not changed comes from  studies conducted with burn patients.  When the bandages on burn patients need to be changed it is extremely painful and usually morphine is all that helps.  These studies show that virtual reality games are more effective than morphine for these patients in decreasing pain.  The distraction of the nervous system with the interpretations the brain made about playing a video game and hearing music changed the experience of pain.  It changed it so much so that MRI’s show a dramatic shift in the registration of pain in the brain.

There is a connection between the nerve firing and our interpretation of the stimulus that creates the awareness of pain or hurt.  If we can disconnect the interpretation and just experience the nerve as a sensation the experience of pain is changed and much more tolerable.

The interpretation of pain is governed by the same patterns that govern much of our human experience and therefore associations and linking happen.  Linking is the process of association.  You experience A next to B and you link or associate A and B together.  If this happens multiple times or in an intense memorable way, you will link A and B eternally together until the pattern is de-linked.

One prime example of this comes from pain in the body linked with emotions.  Someone experiences physical pain and starts to feel sad and depressed.  They link pain with sad and depressed.  Then the more they feel sad and depressed the more they feel pain and the more that leads to feeling sad and depressed.  This pattern can get imprinted to the point where later in life that person could start to feel sad and depressed and shortly after start experiencing pain in their body.  This pain pattern is usually covert and not consciously observed by the one experiencing this phenomenon.

There is Hope to get out of pain.

If you have tried many treatments to get rid of pain and have not seen a change, a few things are most likely going on.  One is that you have been misdiagnosed, two is that you may need more time for the treatment to work, or three is that your body has made some strong associations/links that need rewired.

There are many ways to de-link these associations.  The distraction technique to de-link pain and emotion or interpretation has numerous techniques, an example would be with the virtual reality games.  There are many other distraction techniques to help break the association such as EFT, mindfulness meditation, and many psychological techniques.
A non-psychological way to break the associations is through a treatment called neural therapy.

Fastest Treatment to get you out of Pain.

Neural therapy tries to change the nerve signaling by breaking the link at the nerve endings and nerve roots.  It is a technique where the nerves are injected with natural substances that change the firing of pain and help reset the nerve firing.  It is designed to settle down overly stimulated nerve endings.  It is extremely effective at giving immediate pain shifts.

If you are experiencing pain that is not going away, it is important to rule out any associations or linking that your body has made so that you can actually heal and repair.  Call our office if you would like to learn more about this or if you are not sure if your treatments would accomplish this.

Remember that making a disease and repairing from disease opposite ends of the same rope.  Disease and health are just responses the body makes to things we expose ourselves to.  This means that when we remove irritants and help the body see clearly, by de-linking pain patterns, it will repair to the best of its capacity.