New research is catching up to what many naturopathic doctors have been saying for years: that leaky gut syndrome is real. Despite gastroenterologists, rheumatologists, and enternologists refusal to accept it as a condition, for years researchers have known that it exists. In the 1980s researchers determined that “by allowing … infectious or toxic substances to penetrate the intestinal barrier … [increased intestinal permeability could] contribute to the cascade of events that culminate in active Crohn’s disease.” Now we see that this permeability has manifested in a number of other chronic conditions like asthma, IBS, and other digestive concerns.

‘Conventional physician’ Daniela Drake recounts in this article how one of her patients, after being prescribed medications and ending up in ICU twice, was healed by simply changing her diet. Another nod to the fact that having a healthy diet that fits the individual can be used as preventive medicine – and as medicine and a healing tool.

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