Gastrointestinal complaints are among the most common reasons that people seek medical care. Symptoms associated with digestive complaints include;

irritable bowel syndrome

Food Allergies or food sensitivities (food irritants) are the first thing to think about if you are having any sort of digestive problem.  This is assuming one has been assessed by an appropriate medical expert to rule out any disease process that needs immediate attention.  FYI-Licensed Naturopathic Doctors are medial experts that can help you with this.

In our clinic we treat many people with digestive problems every week and find that people get some form of improvement when they address food sensitivities or food allergies.  Food irritants are often a large piece of the puzzle but not the whole piece of the puzzle.  Read the following articles in this series to get more understanding of what else one can look at in addressing digestive problems.

Food Allergies are different than food sensitivities and each have unique benefits.  For this article I will focus on Food Allergies but Food Sensitivities are just as important to test.

There are three main food allergy reactions that we know of currently.  IgE, IgG, IgA food allergies.  The one we use the most is the delayed reaction that occurs over a 5day period, IgG.  We use IgG over IgE because IgE is an immediate reaction and most often people already know about their immediate reactions.

IgG Food allergy testing is useful for:

Gas and Bloating
Weight gain
Irritable bowel and Inflammatory bowel

The way we test this is a blood test that can be done as a simple finger stick or a blood draw, personal preference.  It takes approximately 2 weeks to get the results and then we have a follow up to create a plan.

The IgG food allergy test gives key insights into the root cause of a person’s digestive problems.  IgG food allergy testing is a great way of helping out with most digestive problems.  It solves the problem in many cases and in others it creates a great foundation on which to build.  Call today to see what testing might be best in helping you with your digestive problems.  604.737.0012