Secret weapon for every mom

The goal of this treatment is to stimulate the immune system, and also to stimulate the natural healing force within the child. This hydrotherapy is great for getting over runny noses, colds, coughs or flu. It is appropriate for infants from age 6 months or older.

Do not do this treatment if your child appears very ill, dehydrated, poor appetite, is lethargic, or has a fever higher than 102 degrees.

Run a hot bath. Meanwhile, have 2 ice cubes and cold water in the sink and soak a very small thin tea towel or hand towel that covers the size of the chest and abdomen of the infant or toddler (no larger). Take an axillary temperature. Get in the tub with your child. Attempt to have him/her covered to his upper chest in the hot water. Keep a very close watch! (Drowning has occurred in as little as 4 inches of water in a bathtub.) Watch closely that they are getting their body temperature elevated. They will get red cheeks and very light beads of sweat on the forehead and nose. If your child will sit still long enough to let you get a temperature, take it. You want to slightly raise their body temperature (100 – 101.5F). Do not stay in tub longer than 20 minutes. Get child out of tub and wrap them loosely in a large bath towel. Then have a helper (or yourself) squeeze out the cold smaller tea towel so it is not dripping. Place the cold towel against their bare chest and abdomen. Reposition the large bath towel so it is completely wrapped around them. Hold child/baby chest to chest and rock/sing/distract until they warm up the cold towel (around 1-4 minutes). Now dry off your child and get them in warm clothes and socks and keep head warm. Keep child/ baby hydrated. You can also have child do the wet sock treatment at bedtime.